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We are the Clothier&Muses: Michelle and sons Mercury,24, and Augustus, 19.   We are very fortunate to have descendants of the "world-class, good-looking Glenaholm dogs" to adventure with!

"This is the chosen spot of all this earth as far as Nature is concerned"  Luther Burbank 1849-1926.

We are located in Northern California, in the beautiful wine-and-apple countryside of Western Sonoma County, USA.  On our "beyond organic" family farm we raise our Boys, our Dogs, organic Rome Beauty apples and organic, non-soy-fed free-range eggs for our local CSA farm program.  

Our puppies are raised in our home as part of our family...they are whelped in our master bedroom!  Each pup is caught in our hands, and lovingly handled from the second they arrive.  We raise our dogs and puppies according to Natural Rearing edicts, we do not cause trauma by removing front dewclaws, and we employ the Early Neurological Stimulation program beginning at 3 days of age. 

Our dogs are part of our family, as you can tell from our photos, and are not kenneled.  The temperaments of the Glenaholm dogs are superbly suited for family life, as they have been from the very beginning.   They are affectionate and devoted, with a great sense of humor!

Our adventure with Rhodesian Ridgebacks began away back in 1990 with a sweet livernose girl named Yari.  So much has happened since then, and always with a Ridgeback alongside. 

Our dogs eat the "biologically appropriate" diet for canines.  This includes liberal amounts of uncooked meaty bones, a variety of raw meats and organs, small amounts of free choice vegetables, herbs and sprouted grain breads, fresh eggs, raw dairy and healthful table leftovers.  We have raised generations of Rhodesian Ridgebacks on this diet, and by feeding this way we ensure proper nutrition of parent dogs and hence the healthiest puppies possible. 

Please do explore and see more of our heritage Rhodesian Ridgebacks, bred by one of the oldest Ridgeback kennels still in existence today.   For Rhodesian Ridgeback history and information please visit www.Glenaholm.com

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